Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The holiday song (some Christians are Nazis)

Happy fourth of July everyone, 
I hope the BBQ and beer treat you right.
I heard that freedom, Isn't really free.
That doesn't mean it okay to kill other people,
Because they come from different blood than you.
And please don't think that jesus wants you to, 
kill other people cause there Muslim.

Merry Christmas everyone.
I hope your all warm and cozy in you house.
Its not the kids fault, that their dad went to jail.
And its not their fault there is no food in the house.
And santa clause doent visit there part of town.
and i heard a man once say that the last shall be first.
 unless he only meant for white christians.

Happy Easter sunday Everyone.
I think you all look really great in your new shirts.
I wonder if the kid that made it got a new shirt too.
And i wander if he ever learned how to read and write,
 or if he has running water in his house. 
 I wonder if his mom and dad are proud of his work,
or if they died making last seasons fashions. 

Hey there sweetheart I've got news for you,
I had a talk with your dad last night.
 So I went out and got you this diamond ring. 
It came from a slave mine in Africa,
where people dont have the choice to leave. 
The man in the mine, works under gun point.
 But I bought so that I can say I love you, 
and I bought it so that I can say I care, 
and I bought it so that I can get inside your pants, 
and I buy everything because I'm  an American.


  1. Thank you! You have touched my heart big time here.

  2. Come and get your hands dirty in St. Louis.