Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Latest Tour To eastern PA

April 28th-May 2nd
My friend Maryellen and I Took a trip out to Eastern PA to play a few shows with a couple old friends and an awesome group of new friends. We drove out to Philadelphia  on thursday night to Hang out before a Killer basement show on Friday night with my Friend Brent and Stephen The Levite. It was so sweet to just chill out and Walk around town with no where to go, or no agenda at hand. We spent all afternoon on South street Just living life and enjoying the beautiful weather, Drinking coffee, Checking out some old Records, and Eating amazing food. Some times, In moments like that, in a different town I'm reminded that there is a whole world out side of Pittsburgh that exists, with a whole bunch of different people who live there lives, eat, and breath somewhere other than I do. I think it's good to think about that from time to time. Later That night I played an amazing Basement show ant the elbow room, Had great conversation, and delicious food. I always look forward to playing in Philadelphia, And Most Importantly Seeing such great and admirable people.   Saturday was spent in Bangor PA at the Red Thread Cafe. What an amazing group of folks, My good friend Timbre played there just a few weeks before I did and Couldn't stop raving about the PEOPLE there. The Show was great and the space was beautiful, But the people there were So warm and Welcoming, And Open Minded. I Wasn't quite sure what to expect, due to the fact that i had never Been to Bangor, But I can Say with great certainty, I look forward to returning. Lastly on our stop I played a house Potluck in lancaster PA. I cant remember what I ate or what I drank Or ever What the house smelled like, I was so Preoccupied With how freaking awesome the Opening Band Was. Bread for Ducks Is there name. They are awesome! I'm a sucker for a sweet 3 piece. And They are in fact that. After turning 28 and suffering from extreme ADD, its hard for a band to hold my attention for more that 15 minutes, But they could have played for days and I wouldn't have minded. With all that being said, This Little weekend tour was THE JAM!!! I can wait to see all you lovely kids again. 

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